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Wild Animals In India

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India has many rare and unique animals, birds and reptiles. Many of these are protected in National Parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India. Many of the religions practised in India such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism teach a respect for life in all its forms and therefore people do not needlessly harm other living creatures around them. However the pressure of growing populations in various states of India has led the increasing need to use land for human habitation and agriculture leading to the reduced habitat of many endangered animals in wildlife sanctuaries.

» Royal Bengal Tiger..Want to see the Royal Bengal Tigers Visit......Ranthambore National Park
» Great Indian Rhinoceros...Want to see the Great Indian Rhinoceros Visit......Kaziranga National Park, India
» Indian Elephant..Want to see the Indian Elephant Visit...Periyar National Park, India
» Leopard..Want to see the Leopard Visit...Jim Corbett National Park, India
» Asiatic Lion..Want to see the Asiatic Lion Visit....Sasangir National Park, India
» Barasingha..Want to see the Barasingha Visit...Kanha National Park
» Gaur (Indian Bison)..Want to see the Gaur Visit...Bandipur National Park, India
» Sarus Crane..Want to see the Sarus Crane Visit...Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
» Ganges River Dolphin..Want to see the Ganges River Dolphin Visit...National Parks In India
» Nilgiri Tahr..Want to see the Nilgiri Tahr Visit...National Parks in India
» King Cobra..Want to see the King Kobra Visit...Bandipur National Park, India
» Red Panda..Want to see the Red Panda Visit...National Parks in India
» Hoolock Gibbon..Want to see the Hoolock Gibbon Visit...National Parks in India
» Snow Leopard..Want to see the Snow Leopard Visit...National Parks in India

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