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Skiing in India

Skiing is one such adventure sports that has gained immense popularity all over the world. We at Destinations India offer you with tour packages for skiing at the reasonable ski resorts in India. There are many ski hideouts in India, which are favorite amongst the adventure lovers. Skiing in India has gradually become quiet attention grabbing sport because of the Himalayas. This would be an ultimate holiday destination for any adventure sport of your choice.

In India there are many favorable destinations like Jammu and Kashmir, the hills of Kumaon, Himachal Pradesh, and the Northeastern states of India, which have become favorite ski hideouts for skiing enthusiasts. Gulmarg is the ultimate beginner's skiing resort. Skiing involves a lot of skill that needs an initial bit of practice and patience. The adventure sport of skiing is known as a fun sport for its ease, its sense of freedom and the thrill of flying down a slope with the wind on your face and in your hair. From amateurs to professionals, all love this sport of Skiing.

Before starting your skiing expedition there are certain things that every skier should take into consideration. The basic skiing gear that is counted for skiing is the flexibility of the clothing. The fabrics that can keep the body's temperature balanced according to the outside climate. Stretch fabrics have a more relaxed and versatile capacity, which is basically required while skiing down a snowy mountain and doing extreme skiing. For taking up skiing you must be mentally sound and physically fit. People with cardiac ailment, expectant mother and those suffering from high or low blood pressure should not indulge in skiing even if the passion for adventure urges them to do so.

Better fitting styles and waterproof wear are a better option for skiers for the wider range of motion. While selecting a ski jacket go through this checklist: waterproof, breathable fabrics, with taped seams, venting zippers and insulating stretch components for comfort. Other skiing gear items are ski goggles, ski helmets, ski socks, and skies.

This high altitude adventure sport is an ideal escape from the summers of the plains. The heat and dust are replaced with the cool environs of the happy hills. With the ever-increasing number of skiing enthusiasts, the skiing slopes in India have improved with time. Tourists not only from India but also from all over the world are trained for skiing here. The increased facilities are easily available and are affordable in the major skiing spots in India.

In case you are plan indulge in skiing in India the following guidelines will prove to be help in planning your holiday:

  • Calculate and decide upon the number of days to be spent in accordance with your budget and the climate.
  • Consider the length of the run with your physical fitness
  • Schedule the runs as are comfortable to you.
  • Be appropriately dressed to accommodate the extreme weather conditions, you must take along with you enough warm clothing, dark glasses and heavy boots.
  • Get the medical fitness test done before hand
  • Meticulously plan the holiday with ample time for altitude acclimatization.
  • With each stage of altitude increase prepare yourself gradually and never hurriedly.
  • Carry the necessary medicines
  • Learn how to handle the skiing equipment
  • Learn how to deal with High-altitude sickness or high-altitude madness
  • Protect yourself from snow blindness, frostbiting, and sun burning during the expedition.

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