Management Team

Business never stops, why should your travel partner? Prime Travels offers 24x7 operation.

Arun Varma

Arun Varma brings 30 years of travel industry and business experience as CEO at Prime Travels. He has worked with Travel Management Company and International Airlines prior to joining Prime Travels. Arun has been a driving force for PrimeTravel's business strategy and growth. Arun's industry experience and hands on approach saw the company soon make a niche in the market for Quality business. He is responsible for Travel Technology, Marketing & Business Development. Arun holds an MBA degree and completed his Bachelor's Degree in Tourism from University of Delhi, India.

Mini V Jain

Mini V Jain is Chief Operating Officer of Prime Travels, ensuring Service Quality and Delivery for all clients. She is IATA qualified with extensive business operations experience. She has been responsible for defining the company's overseas service capabilities as well as establishing processes flow and enhancing in Ecommerce arena. She is Bilingual and at ease with French and has background of Software Industry – but is more involved in the practical aspects of putting technology in tune with consumer's requirement. Mini holds a Bachelor's Degree in Arts from University of Delhi, India.

Gautam Gupta

Gautam is the Chief Technology Officer and key person for leading the IT change in Prime Travels. As CTO, Gautam finds way to amalgamate the human and Technology process and get desired results. He is the key person and holds MBA and MCSE Degrees, besides being CISCO certified. He shares his vision to put Prime Travels as a strong brand with rock-solid technology foundation and keeps upgrading it to meet future requirements.

Rishi Raj Jain

Rishi Raj Jain is the angel investor, with years of business experience behind him. He had the vision to see the growth of and has been a beacon for us that guides our path towards expansion. He is an industrialist with interests into Manufacturing & Construction.
Global Business Travel Management for clients in India, USA, Europe, APAC

Prime Travels is a global TMC working with clients in India, USA, Europe and APAC region for Business and Leisure travel services. We offer Corporate Travel Services, MICE, Offsites, Leisure Holidays and much more. Prime Travels has its own offices in Delhi, Bengaluru, London, New York and Singapore and we work as a partner with our clients to ensure Cost Savings on Business Travel, use Travel Technology tools to ensure Travel Policy compliance and much more, all backed by quality services 24x7.

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