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International repatriation of Human Remains to home country

. Local authorities inform the Diplomatic mission involved in the repatriation.
 The Diplomatic mission contacts the family in home country.
  The family decides on a course of action they want followed in India either through their
      insurance company (if they have one) or through a direct service provider such as Prime
      Air Global Ltd if uninsured.
  Once an agreement has been reached by the family and the service provider, funds are
      transferred to India using international wire transfers or Western Union in order to expedite
  Prime Air Global Ltd then arranges for the International repatriation services desired.
  We arrange for the embalming, freezing, packing, transportation and shipping to ultimate
      destination of the remains.

  Prime Air Global Ltd will organize and coordinate with the Government agencies in India and
      the Foreign mission concerned all documents to be prepared and approved by such entities
      prior to International travel..
  Travel by family members desiring to accompany the deceased can be arranged.
  We coordinate with the home country funeral directors to insure a smooth transition.
  Delivery of personal effects of the deceased to your home can be arranged through the
      airline cargo office at destination. 

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