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Foreign Rail

Prime Travels : Detailed information on Foreign Railway & Train Travel.

Discover UK by train as it offers a convenient way of traveling thru easier flexible Brit Rail passes for international visitors. The services of British Railways are very modern and safe, with facility of Sleeper Services for long distance travel and even Dining On board that ranges from Full Service restaurants to snacks and drinks.

The regional network covers access to Scotland and Wales. Innumerable options to see Europe by train. These passes and tickets are valid for travel in and between 27 countries in Europe. Know all about Europass and Eurail tickets with just one Click

Thalys is a service provided jointly by the Belgian, French, Dutch and German railways.

It is advisable to buy your Thalys train tickets at an earliest as the trains do not offer the same number of seats on their various schedules. The services offer convenience of budget fares, special offers and promotions and with Food and drinks, telephone booths available on most of the services.Click here to know more about Thalys service as they have something for everyone.
Germain Railways - Click here for information in English

Enjoy the warmth of Swiss rail network and services that would broaden your experience. Click here

America by Train

Columbus discovered this continent in the 18th century that you can now rediscover thru an easier way of travelling by train- courtesy Amtrak. From Coast to Coast the vast network offers convenient connections and special offers to suit each kind of budget.

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Canada by Via Rail: VIA trains run regular scheduled routes from coast to coast, reaching every major region in Canada. Click here for more

Swedish Train Network

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Norwegian Trains network

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Italian Trains network

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