Dubai Visa Guidelines By Emirates

The Dubai Visa Processing Centre has been set up to enhance convenience for Emirates' passengers. To apply for Visit or 96 Hour visa following are the requirements :


  • Passport should be valid for at least 6 months.
  • Emirates return or onward ticket - for 96 Hour visa applications, all flights must be confirmed. (Wait-listed tickets accepted for Visit Visa applications only)
  • Supporting documentations - as per Eligibility conditions


Visa Fee: USD 100/

The fee amounts are inclusive of courier charges and are subject to change without notice.

Please Note


  • You can only arrive and depart from Dubai International Airport
  • Your flights to/from Dubai must be on Emirates: travel by another airline voids the visa
  • Issue of visa does not guarantee entry, that is at the discretion of the immigration officer
  • There is no refund of visa fee in case of inability to use the visa
  • On event of overstay there is a fine of Dhs.10 per person per day, besides inviting legal action.


Applicants must fulfill at least one of the three conditions below

Qualifying Conditions Supporting Documentation
1. Previous international travel by Principal Applicant

Has travelled at least once in the last 5 years to OR holds a valid visa for the USA, Canada, UK, Schengen Countries, Australia, New Zealand, or Japan
Has travelled at least twice in the last 5 years to any country other than Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Myanmar

Evidence of visa and travel in current or previous passport.

Where previous passport involved, applicant must forward previous passport in original to the Dubai Visa Processing Centre

2. Economic status of Principal Applicant

Principal Applicant holds an international credit card with credit limit of at least Rs. 50000
Principal Applicant has held fixed deposits aggregating Rs. 5 lakhs or more for at least 12 months
Principal Applicant has a housing loan of at least Rs. 5 lakhs from a bank or financial institution of national standing, with record or regular repayments during las 12 months.
Principal Applicant derives a gross income from business, profession or employment, of at least Rs. 3 lakhs per anum.

Original and 1 photocopy of income tax returns of last two years, and photocopy of PAN card

If applicable, one or more of the following

1. Original and 1 photocopy of last credit card statement, and photocopy of both sides of credit card

2. Banker's certificate in original for confirming amount held in fixed deposit for 12 months and more on date

3. Certificate from organisation extending housing loan confirming loan amount, date of sanction, and regular repayment during last 12 months

3. Invitation from immediate family member resident in Dubai on family status
Only spouse, children <21, and parents<60 can be invited
Letter of invitation along with photocopy of labour contract attested by Emirates' Commercial Visa Section in Dubai

Dependents are defined as spouse, children < 21 and parents < 60 of Principal Applicant of spouse. Supporting documentation required only from Principal Applicant. Submission of above documentation notwithstanding, the Govt. of Dubai reserves the right to refuse a visa at its sole discretion without assigning any reason.

Note: Visa fee once submitted is not refundable if rejected by the Visa Processing Centre.

Apply online and download your visa application form directly at