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Cycling And Motor Biking In Himalayas

Cycling or motor biking in the Himalayas in India can be quite an experience for you. A cycle ride across the world's highest mountains dotted with green valleys, snow capped high peaks, the deodars has the potential of touching the adventure freak in anybody. But you should try your hands at this adventure activity only if you are one of the tough Harley Davidson role model types.

As a matter of fact there is no better way to experience the local culture of a place than by actually cycling through it. You will have the opportunity to stop at the towns and villages to get a deep insight into their way of life. There can be no two thoughts about the fact that motor biking through a place is a unique way of experiencing the local tradition and culture of a place. Added to this, the astonishing scenic grandeur of the breathtaking Himalayan milieu will make your adventure holiday worth remembering all through your life.

Himalayan India is a vivid kaleidoscope of several tiny foothill villages, customs, traditions and folklore of the people. It is a great experience to visit and explore these places. The fast changing colors of the landscapes and rising altitude provide a complete novel experience. Some of the best places for cycling and mountain biking in the Himalayan region of India are in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh. These states are replete with great scenic beauty and are treasure-troves of exciting routes, some of them discovered and while others waiting to be explored.

It is mandatory to obtain clearances beforehand, as there is danger of security being jeopardized, because majority of the Himalayan peaks borders with the neighboring countries. All the cycling and biking expeditions has to applied to the Indian Mountaineering Foundation six months before the schedule date with relevant details of the members, the route, duration etc. You have to pay a royalty for every peak you wish to climb. This is charged in accordance with the height and popularity of the summit. Apart from this, a liaison officer must be deputed for the expedition. His duties include liaising with the government authorities and providing help during emergencies. The costs of the liaison officer are full borne by the expedition.

Mountain biking is a painstaking sport, which requires special bikes. Cycles specially made for mountain expeditions are easily available and are fitted with the appropriate gears so that a cyclist needs to do less effort. Cycling uphill is often a daunting task, but the glory of the downhill ride far makes up for it.

Cycling and biking are certainly one of the most incredible adventure sports in the rocky terrains of the Himalayas. You have the option of either going for self-supported trip with all the necessary equipment and the supplies on the bike itself. You can also have a van following you with all the equipments Among the equipments which have to be carried along on the expedition are a mountain bike well equipped with gears and water bottle cages, bicycle helmet, water bottles, t-shirt, shorts, back pack, windcheater. A fairly good level fitness is also required. It has also to be ensured that the machine is fitted with well multi-speed gears to enable you to cope with the sloppy heights of the mountains. Don't forget to carry tools needed for repairing in case of a puncture. An extra set of brake shoes has also to be taken.

There exists many numbers of picturesque less frequented routes in the mountainous region of India. Cycling through the Tarai forests along the foothills of Nainital and Himachal Pradesh is an experience which defies description. These stretches offer exceptionally beautiful areas for the mountain cycling and biking adventurers. The leisurely pace of the ride through the verdant valleys, the environs almost devoid of pollution, the sparsely trafficked roads - all these combine to make cycling and motor biking in the Himalayas a an experience worth remembering.  Itinerary for Cyclign tour in Manali and Leh

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