Prime Air Global Ltd: Offers Cremation & Burial Services.
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Cremation & Burial Services :

Prime Air Global's Assistance Services, apart from offering Medical Evacuation, Rescue Services, Air Ambulance etc also provides a dignified cremation and burial service.

The Funeral and Cremation services are done through our licensed Undertakers and coordinates with the local regulatory authorities to offer a moderately priced funeral/cremation services in the Delhi state and NCR.

The Cremation and Burial Service in Delhi & National Capital Region (NCR), includes the following

1. Collection of the deceased from a hospital or mortuary,
2. Provision of a simple coffin and transfer to a crematorium of your choice.
3. Crematorium cremation fees included.
4. Provision of an experienced funeral director’s services.
5. Advice and assistance on Death registration with local authorities.
6. Disposal of Ashes as per client's instruction.
7. Choice of Urns for the family.

The above services do not include: collection from a domestic property, embalming, viewing of the deceased and any procession or service prior to cremation.

If you would like us to assist you with an obituary, you should also bring names of those family members to mention and special thanks

Our office would need the following information about the person that has died, to proceed with legal statutory requirements:

• Full legal name
• Date of birth
• Place of birth
• Passport Number
• Home address
• Fathers name.
• Next-of-kin Name, address, phone number

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