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Camel Safari India

Get the Best deals on Camel Safari in Rajasthan, India.

Come and experience the Great Indian Desert of Thar in a truly unbelievable way, travel by camel safari, cook by the campfire and sleep under the bare stars. Forget about the 21st century and come with Destinations India camel safaris on a hands-on trip through the Great Indian Desert.

There is not a shadow of doubt that a camel safari through the desert will prove to be an experience of lifetime for the people with a sense of adventure and a knack of doing something a little different. You will explore how this fascinating part of the world survives and why the camel is called the "ship of the desert" and has a pride of place in the arid zones of the earth.

India is a very vast and extraordinarily varied land, offering almost unlimited opportunities for adventure sports of all sorts - from mountain-climbing and trekking to scuba diving and whitewater rafting and much more. However, for many visitors adventure travel in India means safari travel, and the best-known safari area in the country is the vast expanse of Thar Desert, with its continuous stretch of golden sand.

Rightly called the ship of the desert, the camel will be your travel companion in both the blistering heat of the day and the biting cold at the night. While meandering through the golden landscape of the Thar Desert, you will come face to face with the rich heritage, culture and the colorful lifestyles of the royal state of Rajasthan. Camel has been an integral part of the desert life. It comes to the rescue of the desert people who have to wander miles in search of water. Added to this the easy pace of the safari on a camel back will provide you an opportunity to enjoy and observe the minutes of the land of forts, citadels, colors and enchanting people. The camel safari adventure in the Indian desert has the caught the tourist's attention and is on the way of becoming the most popular adventure holiday in India. It has proved to be one of the most perfect ways to know and understand India. Traveling through the desert will be reminiscent of the rapidity and the spirit of the intruding armies, which led their invasion innumerable times through these deserts.

A wide variety of safaris are offered by the Thar Desert. A short trek around the pretty town of Jaisalmer, or a longer safari taking you the length and breadth of the Great Indian Desert - options are many. In the longer version of the safari, you will feel thre ambience of mediaeval times. Like a mediaeval trader you will have the opportunity of leading the caravan through the spice route in hostile conditions heading for one of the medieval kingdoms, in search of people to buy your goods. The desert safaris in India revolve primarily around the princely states of Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, and Bikaner. Besides offering the breathtaking spectacle of the endless vistas of open desert sands, these safaris are a perfect way of experiencing the village life and the wildlife.

Rajasthan has been an important center of trade and commerce throughout the historical period. The passing of the caravans through the Thar Desert gave boost to the trade. Prosperity of the trade resulted in the huge profit, which was used by the nobility to build the impregnable forts, majestic palaces, grand mansions, and formidable citadels. Sandstone is the basic material used in the construction of these masterpieces of art that are today in the ruined state due to ravages of the time.

A typical safari comprises traveling to the architectural ruins of Lodurva located in the vicinity of Jaisalmer, the sand dunes of the Samm, the oasis at Anasagar and the water source of Moolsagar. You will travel and sight seeing during the daytime and can spend your night by cooking by the campfire and having rest. You will be able to experience the lives of the villagers on the camels-halts in the en-route villages amidst the desert scrubs. It is sure to be a once in lifetime experience of the desert rural Indian life and traditional hospitality.

You should be well prepared to face the sweltering heat of the sun with large rimmed sun hats at all times. The temperatures range with a wide differences in the minimum and maximum from zero degrees to 30 degrees. You should be well equipped with an adequate amount of the woolen clothing and comfortable cotton. Among other things which are needed during the safari are cotton caps, umbrellas, scarves and balaclava, mineral water, torch sunscreen creams, moisturizers and lip salve and knife are some of the things you will be required to carry on the safari.

So whenever you have in your mind an adventure-cum-culture holiday in India, let us assist you in planning a camel safari for the ultimate Indian rural experience.

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