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FRRO Services

FRRO Services (Foreigners Registration India), India Visa Extension, India Exit Permit, Police Clearance Certificate India, Indian Medical Visas, PAN Card & Aadhaar Card for expats

India happens to be a focussed and key market for many products and services by various MNCs, as a result they do send many expatriates of different nationalities to work in India to manage their India operations. This leads to a need of professional partner in India to take care of issues related to Foreigners Working in India, or complying with relevant rules and regulations on Immigration or Relocation and Indian Tax laws.

Prime Air Global Ltd offers various such services that ensure that while you as a client focus on your core activity, we will assist you to comply with all your requirements on Immigration, Relocation, Fleet Management, Manpower Management, Business Travel Services, Air Charters, Legalization service requirements. These services are offered Pan India either via our own offices or in association with a partner.

We cover various aspects under Immigration Services that include, Foreigners Registration (FRRO) services, Visa Extension, Exit Permits, OCI applications, Police Clearance Certificate (PCC), Medical Visas for travel to India, PAN Card and Aadhaar Card registrations.

Legalization Services include Apostille services, Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) India, or Attestation from State Governments, Translation of various documents for different purposes.

Fleet Management includes Long Term and Short Term car rentals, while Manpower Management looks after providing skilled and semi-skilled manpower and security services.

So please contact us on or speak with Manoj Jha on 011 4670 0000 for your Immigration/Legalization/Relocation and other service requirements given below – we will be happy to assist you.


1. FRRO Services (Foreigners Registration, Visa Extension, Exit Permit, Police Clearance, Medical Visas, PAN Card &
    Aadhaar Card for expats.
2. Legalization Services (Apostille/Attestation from M.E.A), Attestation from Embassies/State governments/Translation of
3. Relocation Services (Leasing/Purchase/Rental of Residential/Commercial properties & Home Search (Bare/Semi
    Furnished/Fully Furnished)

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